Saturday, March 07, 2009

March 7, 2009


and an old one, previously unreleased.


Chloe said...

Your work is amazing! The first man looks like Count Dracula. The second reminds me of Philip Seymore Hoffman...but Hoffman isn't that overweight. The last guy looks sort of creepy. It might be because of the colors..not sure.

Also, out of curiosity...what pen do you use?

wendy said...

hey chloe - thanks for the complement and comments - always welcome and appreciated. i mostly use micron, black, 01 & 02 - 005 manages my neurosis/OCD and 05 pops the negative. there are a few ballpoints scattered in here, a rapidograph or two (too sacred for the subway) and a couple pen and inks (drypoint), but yeah, mostly microns. they do the trick.

seawall said...

you're a genius

Stephen Gardner said...

just wonderful drawing again and again.

RS Gold said...

it looks like you had a much more fabulous weekend than my own! ha ha, i spent it studying for finals. ughhh.
lovely blog, by the way!