Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

a little illustrated documentation on the making of Longshot Magazine, a magazine made in 48 hours (just this last weekend). you can get yours here.


the drive to GOOD magazine's offices in LA (our hosts for the making of issue one.)

proper diet of pop chips, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, beer and coffee.

around 600 submissions came in from all over the world within 24 hours - a crew of 50 people spent the next 24 reviewing, selecting, editing, arranging, photographing, illustrating, designing and laying out the magazine.

Alexis Madrigal, Mat Honan and Sarah Rich - founders and editors of Longshot - working through the night before close.

down to the minute, the magazine (along with a website and ipad version) was finished at 12pm on Sunday, August 30.

and then everyone went home.


Anonymous said...

It's a magazine about Apple computers?

friarminor said...

As we say in Tagalog, 'Ang Galing!' You are amazing! Maybe, if you've got time, you will also get to share tips on how to to do these sketches including coloring techniques.


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