Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

a couple drawings were featured in an article on SF in the German travel magazine CAPZ.

and i quote:

The Mission Ist Cool.
San Francisco Ist Auch Cool,
Viel Cooler Als L.A.

(please note this is the same map that was on the cover of 7x7 a few yeas ago - it is not accurate and contains a few grave errors. it is currently no longer in print due to those errors - a new one is coming soon. i'm not promising it will be/can ever be perfect, but it will be an improvement.)


tobymarx said...

What happened to the Tenderloin, Wendy? Last time I looked it was still a 28 square-block neighborhood, whereas Union Square is about half that size. It looks like Union Square has eaten the Tenderloin!

wendy said...

true that, mark. thanks for poitning that out. this is a very incorrect map - and in a couple ways that i am not happy about. i made it three years ago for 7x7 and has since gone out of print (intentionally) - the german magazine that printed it was supposed to print it 2 years ago and just did it now, so there you go. can't change what's been done, but i can try to learn for the future.

Anonymous said...

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