Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

Last week i was in new york for Behance's annual 99% Conference, an event that brings together some of today's sharpest minds to discuss how ideas become reality. I was commissioned to document/draw the conference and use the resulting text and images to create a story and a mount an exhibit at The Ace Hotel in new york.  The show is up at the Ace till June 6, so if you are in new york check it out.  and you can see the story here.

the whole thing was done in 9 days. 2 days to draw/document, 2 days to paint and scan, 3 days to install and 2 days to make the story.

here's what my hotel room looked like when i was creating work for the show:

here's what the show looks like: 

"Guts, Grit and Getting *&!# Done" 
An illustrated inventory of Making Ideas Happen from illustrator wendy macnaughton based on her observations, insights and takeaways from Behance's annual 99% conference.
(including quotes, tweets and eavesdroppings from conference speakers and attendees.)

the color side of the room - all the work it takes to make sh*t happen.

over the doorway - "the world is waiting for your gift. give it to them with both barrels." 

the black and white side of the room - three drawings - distillations of all the info - including one venn (guts), one drawing that took four pens to make (grit) and falling down = getting up upside down (life.)

 detail - paula scher: (photo by maria popova)

detail - alexis madrigal:

and again, you can see the story here.

Also, here is a little interview i did with 99%'s super duper director, Jocelyn Glei.


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