Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A momentary departure from the commute: WASHATERIA, Guererro Street

Teresa Geary (who everyone should be lucky enough to know) asked me to be in a show she curated with Intersection for the Arts. Here are shots from the 3 hour long drawing marathon in which i drew, erased, drew, and erased portaits of people currently incarcerated on the window of the most famous laundomat in the Mission, Washateria. Thanks Mary and Katka for the photos.


Anonymous said...

those crowds! ktk

christopher said...

holy crap!!! when was this?! why have i never heard of this?! damn! so wonderful.

and i want your sneakers!

much love
- christopher

nollij said...

Wow... that's awesome... live art creation and if you're too late, you miss it... what a wonderful concept!

Anonymous said...

ehh... 10x for text ))

Anonymous said...

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