Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

if anyone has any suggestions on how to maintain the color/light of a drawing like this and the third one from yesterday's post when scanning, please advise. with simple pen drawings (meaning no added color to provide contrast) the image gets terribly washed out and i cannot maintain the hue of the paper (brown) - same paper as seen in the drawings from august 10.
i am working on an HP consumer model scanner. i know, i know, but it's what i've got.
much obliged.

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Jen G said...

Scanner software usually has auto-contrast / auto-brightness / auto-color turned on. It is trying to correct for the brown paper to make it look white. This effect is most pronounced with a bunch of overall neutral colors, like your ink sketches. Usually you can maintain a closer match to the original colors by going into your scanner software settings, going to "advanced" or "professional" (you should be feeling really professional now) and turning off the auto settings or locking in and saving your own settings at the midpoint of every dial.