Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August 5, 2006

a risk. a few of these are experiments, in progress, and are well on the road to failure. but. learning a thing or two about failure recently, i've decided to keep trying. if not for the final product, for the process.


Pattie said...

I appreciate your comment about failure, and have quoted and referenced you on my blog, hope that is ok. I definitely learn more from those failures! I particularly like the first piece featured on your blog today!

Seth said...

Failure is just another part of life and definitely a prime opportunity to learn and grow as a person. I too really like the cigar box!

wendy said...

Thanks, Patti and Seth. I know, I know. Very little good stuff is born of perfectionism.
And Patti - love your work - esp. your ink sketches and studies. Thanks for sharing.

wagonized said...

Ah, failure. It's this every day / every sketch monster that i have to surmount. And no matter how many times i tell myself "accept to fail/embrace crap/draw for the process not the end result", failure smiles back at me and says "you wait".
Anyway. I am just happy to find new material on your blog, Wendy, because i am such a fan of your captures of people. You have such an eye for color too.