Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

due to legally binding contracts i have not been able to post most of what i've been working on. that is a lot more fun to say than to do. i feel a lack.

below are a couple from the subway in new york. i think it's pretty clear in these drawings what that city does to me. ny makes me san francisco.

also below, intersection for the arts in SF is having a fundraiser next month - the piece titled "the way home" is in the auction.

finally, some work of mine is in the first edition of 48 hour magazine - you can see a preview and order your copy here.

come back tomorrow. there will be more. i promise.

(meanwhile, if you want you can sign up for my mailing list.)

new york:

The Way Home:


Ru Hui said...

the man in the last sketch looks like Mr Bean!

awesome sketches by the way!

Ru Hui said...

Hi Wendy! Thx for stopping by my blog =)Same here, i love your people sketches!

britt said...

i love the comp and colors in this one. a favorite!