Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Brief History of the Hustle.
by Angela Watercutter, Illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton.
From 48 hour magazine.

a few outtakes:

“I’m Gonna File My Claim”
Though the lyrics lay claim to an idle life (“A girl should never hustle with a pick and pan to dig for gold, that isn’t her game”), when Monroe belts this brass to the boys in River of No Return, there’s no doubt she’s workin’ it.

Thanks to this Rawse joint, remixed and sampled by everyone from Lil Wayne and DJ Drama to Girl Talk, chances are if you’ve heard “hustlin’” in a song in the last four years it was probably proceeded by “every day I’m.” We’re guessing Ross can afford to take a day or two off now.

“Trans-Continental Hustle”
The punk/Gypsy-esque/something- else-entirely outfit Gogol Bordello took hustling international with this Rick Rubin–produced record that showed hustling can’t be confined to one genre any more than it can a decade.

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