Thursday, June 03, 2010

June 3, 2010

a few from the commute:

also, update:

i have art and/or illustrations in this month's Bitch magazine, Bear Deluxe Magazine, and 48 Hour Magazine.

i am the guest artist on gizmodo this month (and the first they've had, i believe). you can find a new illustration of mine up every day, five days a week through june.

a piece of mine is being auctioned off at intersection for the arts 45th anniversary auction. i'll be there. you should come, too.

i am working on a poster for jeff tweedy show, a few drawings for 7x7 and zzyzyva magazines. those should be coming out in july.

the prints are framed and ready for pick up.

four paintings sold - a few commuters and los angeles, which was tough to part with.

a few very nice blog features, including one by ms. jen bekman of 20x200.

it's been a hell of a past month.

ps - i have a mailing list. i'd love it if you'd sign up.

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