Thursday, April 12, 2012

april 12, 2012

art school, circa 1998:

a few days ago my mom found this tucked away in my old closet. it's a shoebox size scale replica of my art school apt. made of balsa, bass and wood glue. it used to be mounted on a base and had wooden drawings hanging on the walls and vertical blinds and shelves, but i disassembled it so i could carry the pieces with me as i moved around. which was kind of weird now that i think about it.

books, magazines, remote controls, ashtrays and cigarette butts.

a giant tv, VHS tapes, two VCRs for editing and CDs.

pencils, spray fixative and more cigarette butts. and an ab roller.


Peg Duthie said...

I love it! I have a soft spot for minature settings -- I don't go looking for them, but very fondly recall the ones I came across at the Boston Public Library, Tel Aviv Museum, Arts et Metiers Museum in Paris -- and there's something delightful about the inherently delicate way they document scenes of often robust activity (smithies, schoolrooms, kitchens, workshops)...

(I don't make time to comment very often, but I visit this blog through my Google Reader feed on a regular basis -- I really like your illustration and captioning style. Thank you so much for sharing your work!)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful attention to detail! I've always been hopeless at 3D stuff, so I really admire people with a head for spatial thinking. Love your watercolors, too. I just found your blog; it's beautiful!

Matt Hunter Ross said...

holy crap - this is brilliant!

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