Monday, April 02, 2012

April 2, 2012

20x200 released a limited edition print of this drawing last week - you can get one here.

from the generous Julie Gerstein's write-up on the piece:

"Wendy’s previous 20x200 contributions tackled the transient nature of human interaction and the incomprehensible nature of love (see: Things Happen and The Universe and Forever, respectively). With the illustration To Do, she crisply approaches the ever-decreasing line between what we’d like to accomplish and what we can actually do—the people we’d like to be and the people we actually are.

“I was trying to get my head around the overwhelming number of things there are To Do,” explains Wendy. “The eternal lists, the eternal attempt to internally manage everything, the infinite lists… Did I mention the lists? Ultimately, what I find myself doing, as I think so many of us do—especially those of us who participate in the digital realm—we live in a meta to-do place. We overthink how and when and what, and don’t just get the eff up and Do Something.”

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Cheongsam said...

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